Wireless Burglar Alarms

Our Wireless Burglar Alarm Kit offers a complete security, fire & home management system. Its is also user friendly and comes with remote key fobs, making using a code a thing of the past.

Our systems offer a cost effective solution to protect your home and family. They are fitted within a few hours and being wire free are fitted with very little disruption. Secure transmission methods, long battery life and superbly designed detection accessories enable the installation of Infinite to be trouble free.

Truly Wireless

The alarm systems we use are wire free systems which are fast to install and cause minimal disruption… no need to lift carpets or ruin your decor. Where other wireless burglar alarms claim to be wire free, they normally still have cables to run between the control panel and the external sounder, and also any extra remote keypads.

Our systems only require power to the main panel. Every other component of the system is totally wireless. For even more peace of mind, the system can be connected to your landline or GSM which will call up to four numbers, to alert you that the alarm has been activated.

The system can also be connected onto your home or business network to allow remote access via an app to communicate with your alarm system. The system is very versatile and has many different options available. The system can be configured to suit your property’s individual needs.

All equipment complies with BS-EN50131:2006 Grade 2 Class 2.

Wireless Burglar Alarms Essex


Have Pets?? This is not a problem with this alarm system as Pet tolerant motion detectors will allow your pets to walk around without activating your alarm. This means your pets are able to remain in the house and you can Set your System with the reassurance that you will not get any False alarms.

The Elderly & Vulnerable

Our Alarm systems are primarily used to detect the presence of people, particularly intruders however, they also have the ability to detect an absence of movement making them ideal for vulnerable people or lone workers. If no motion is detected within a pre-set time, an alarm is triggered which can be conveyed to the appropriate person.